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TPES Foundation

The Torrey Pines Elementary School Foundation (TPESF) is our school’s version of a PTA or PTO. The Foundation operates as a 501c3 non-profit organization. This means we can operate with greater discretion over monies raised and are not subject to state-mandated processes. We, as parents, in collaboration with the school administration can create the kind of learning environment we want for our children. We make this happen by providing financial support for initiatives such as reducing district-prescribed student to teacher ratios, and providing programming that the state and federal government no longer support such as art and music.

As a parent or guardian of a student at Torrey Pines, you are automatically a member of the Foundation. The Foundation has a volunteer Board of Directors that is comprised of parents elected for a one-year term late each spring for the following school year. While the Board meets in closed executive sessions we also hold open meetings to discuss current activities and issues of interest for parents. Look for upcoming meeting dates and times in the e-TWIG, our weekly e-newsletter, and on the electronic message board. Please come and learn more about what is happening at Torrey Pines. We would love to see you!

Why does TPES have a Foundation? Do we have to donate?

The Torrey Pines foundation was founded in 1997 to collect families’ contributions to enhance their children's school experience with programs not funded by the district. TPES is a public school and parents are not obligated to donate, but a majority of families each year do contribute to support the excellent TPES education. Facts about educational funding:

Our fundraising is designed to reach out to all Torrey Pines families and our broader school community. Over the course of the year, the Foundation offers families many ways to participate!  We respect each and every TPES family, and hope all families participate in a way that is comfortable for them!  There are SO MANY ways!  Look for the various events over the course of the year.  

In addition to the various fundraising events and opportunities, we could not reach our fundraising goal without the generous contributions to the Annual Giving Campaign.  Every dollar counts!  Whether you are able to donate $10, $100, or even $1000, every dollar donated helps us reach our goal.

TPES needs your time and talent.  Without parent volunteer time, TPES would not be what it is today!  Volunteering is just as important to the success of the Foundation in continuing to support TPES as the funds that need to be raised!  The Foundation's mission is to support and enhance the curriculum at Torrey Pines Elementary School whenever possible.  It is to create strong connections between the school, family, and community. It is the Foundation Board's sincere hope that as a part of our community you will feel drawn to become involved!  The rewards are plentiful for you and your children. Research shows that kids whose parents are involved in their school perform better academically and socially and are more confident.  

Click the Volunteer button on our website to check out all the opportunities to donate your valuable time and energy!  We hope you will find an area where you would like to help! Simply sign up to volunteer right from our website, or get in touch with anyone on the Foundation Board, and we will put you to work!  Without your time and talent none of this would be possible.

There are many ways to stay informed! Please read our weekly e-newsletter The e-TWIG for important dates and information for the upcoming week.  The Branching Out e-publication showcases our amazing TPES students, programming and current TPES events.  Watch for messages from your Room Parents, and check out the electronic message board. All of these will keep you informed about the “happenings” at Torrey Pines.  

Our fundraising efforts could not exist without volunteers AND donations. Every dollar donated and every hour volunteered makes a difference and are equally important! Whether you help at an event, make a donation, or are able to do both, our sincere hope is that every family will find a way to participate!  By working together there is no limit to what we can accomplish for our children.  As much as has been undertaken by the parent volunteers and the Foundation currently, there is always more that can be done. Your suggestions and ideas are always welcome!

-TPES Foundation Board

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Section 5 of Article IX of the California Constitution guarantees students a “free public education.”

Torrey Pines Elementary School Foundation is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. 8350 Cliffridge Avenue, La Jolla, CA 92037 

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