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Classroom and Resource Teachers


Thanks to financial contributions by TPES families, the Foundation funds two teachers, professional development opportunities for teachers, and much needed supplies for teachers and staff positively impacting all TPES students.

Teacher (0.80 FTE): The school district provides district-funded classroom teachers based on school enrollment figures. If school enrollment changes at key times during the year, classroom teachers could be at risk of being excessed and moved to a different school in the district. The impact of excessing teachers can cause a ripple effect across grades, shifting student-teacher ratios and potentially requiring students to change teachers. The Foundation prioritizes funding a classroom teacher to mitigate the negative impacts of the district excessing process. This critical resource enables the TPES Principal to more adequately meet the needs of our students and school community.

Teacher (0.45 FTE): One resource teacher provides academic support, primarily focusing on literacy and other differentiated support for students. The resource teacher provides small-group support meeting the needs of students and supporting classroom teachers.

Professional Development: The Foundation funds professional development programming for all classroom teachers. In collaboration with teachers, the TPES Principal, organizes professional development programming to impact teaching and curriculum skills for classroom teachers across all grade-levels.

Classroom & School Supplies: The Foundation provides funding for much-needed classroom supplies teachers and staff that support all students at TPES. This enables teachers to make purchases that are classroom-specific to augment supplies provided by the school and parent donations at the beginning of the year. Additional supplies and books may be purchased by TPES staff through this supplement, the Yubbler school supplies, and Scholastic Book Fair fundraisers.

For more information, please contact TPESF Academic Affairs

Section 5 of Article IX of the California Constitution guarantees students a “free public education.”

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