Miles Ahead Running Club    

2017-18 Running Club Begins September 5, 2017!

5 Days a Week! Get your students to school a little early to participate in our Miles Ahead Running Club. Your efforts and theirs will pay off! You will see your student make great progress in their running and fitness while enjoying the time in the morning with their friends.

How do I sign up my student? No signing up is needed. Your student is already a member of our club. Every student at TPES automatically receives a Running Club card at the beginning of the school year. All you have to do is come to the blacktop at 8:05am to start!   

Can I run with my student? Absolutely. We encourage siblings and parents to participate and everyone gets a card to track their laps. This year, make Running Club part of your family's morning routine!

That's right. If tardiness is an issue for your students then have them come to running club. Students can walk or run at their own pace. It's a great way to start the day and catch up with friends!                                                                                               

Why run? Besides the obvious health benefits, there is mounting evidence that exercise prior to classroom work is extremely beneficial for elementary school children. Students may learn better and be more focused, behavioral issues could diminish, they may achieve higher test scores and gain self-esteem. We encourage you to jumpstart your children’s day by getting them to school a little early for Miles Ahead Running Club.

Who can join?  TPES students and members of their families are welcome to track their laps and may participate as many days as they wish. 

Cards are kept available all school year and runners’ milestones are recognized with stickers, certificates, tokens and acknowledgement at spirit assemblies and in school publications.

Do I have to run?  No, participants may go at their own pace. Walking is great too and a fun way to catch up with friends in the morning.  We just ask that students keep moving around the field and rough play is not allowed.

When do you meet?  5 days a week -- runners may come as often as they want, and run for as long as they want. We start counting laps at 8:05 a.m. and collect cards at 8:20 a.m. in order to get students to class on time.

How do the stickers, tokens, and certificates work?  We love to recognize our runners for their accomplishments in running.  Here’s what our runners can look forward to:
For every 5 miles completed runners get a sticker representing their total number of miles, as well as their name published on our website (with a complete parent consent form). Runners receive a “running shoe token” on a key ring at 5 miles and then every 10 miles. We encourage them to ask their parents to help them attach the key ring to their backpacks. Runners who are 25/50/75/100/125/150… miles ahead receive a certificate at our monthly assembly and a special “mileage token”




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