Pizza Wednesdays

New for 2019 - Annual Pizza Pass

  • You can purchase a Discounted Pizza Pass for your child, which will cover all Pizza Wednesdays for your child from October 2, through to end of school year. Select from one-slice plan, two-slice plan or a whole pizza. Your child will no longer need to carry cash; just simply attach the Pizza Pass to their backpack!
  • Once you have purchased your pizza pass, we will deliver it to your child's folder within 3 days. Please contact  if you have any questions.
  • The pass works for all pizza sales locations.
  • Drinks not included, as we want to encourage everyone to use our wonderful new water stations to refill their water bottles and minimize plastic use.
  • If you want a juice or forgot your water we will still sell for $1 cash on site.
  • Also new: Locally-owned Sammy's Woodfired Pizza is our new pizza vendor. Popular with families for the past 30 years, Sammy's award-winning pizzas are made with local, organic, and nutritionally balanced ingredients whenever possible, and prepared without butter or any artificial trans-fats.

Basic Pass

One slice per week of pizza at $45.00

Mega Pass

Two slices of pizza per week at $90

Whole Pizza Pass

One whole pizza per week for $250

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