Music Survey Results from Spring 2015

Due to Ms. Tang's departure this June, the Music Committee requested feedback from the Torrey Pines Elementary community to determine the most important qualities needed for music education. Over 160 parents and teachers responded across all grade levels. 

Thank you to everyone who participated. The Committee will be using these results to help guide the decision making process they work to fill the void left by Ms. Tang's departure. 

Music Survey Results

How important is it to you that TPES have a music program? 

Very Important: 77%

Somewhat Important: 18%

How satisfied are you with the focus of the current music program?

Very Satisfied: 34%

Somewhat Satisfied: 34%

Neutral: 13%

Somewhat Dissatisfied: 13%

Very Dissatisfied: 6%

What do you want the music program to be next year? (In order of ranked preference)

1. Find the best person for the job and let him/her develop the music program based on their strengths

2. A combination of the current choral program with other non-choral musical lessons

3. The same as this year, don't change anything

4. Very different, I want a big change

Who do you think should teach music at TPES? (In order of ranked preference, with a statistical tie for 3rd)

1. A non-district music teacher trained in music education

2. A professional musician who also has teaching experience with children

3. A rotating series of guest musical artists who provide a range of musical experiences with a music coordinator overseeing the program

4. A school district employee trained in music education (Note that this option costs the Foundation two times more than a non-district teacher)

If this music enrichment slot is opened up to other subjects, what subjects do you want added?  (In order of ranked preference. Please note that for this question, all choices received nearly equal overall support)

1. Theater and Performing Arts (38% ranked this option as 2nd choice, and 26% ranked it 3rd)

2. Short rotations (6-8 weeks each) of the above subjects, including music (Although 31% chose this as their 1st choice, 25% ranked it 4th)

3. Dance and Movement Arts

4. Digital Arts (photography, film, music technology, web design, animation)

5. I do not want other subjects added. Keep this slot as music only. (This question had the widest split with 31% ranking it 1st, but 54% ranking it 5th)


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