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Over the past two years our school garden has flourished. The garden is now certified in the San Diego Unified Garden to Café program. Produce from the organic garden is harvested on a regular basis and is a regular part of the lunch salad bar. Over 40 lbs. of fresh organic produce has been harvested by students and served on the school salad bar so far this year. This year The Garden Club was formed to help with planning, planting and harvesting at the request of 4th and 5th grade students. The Garden Club meets twice a week during the morning recess. Over the school year all TPES students have the opportunity to participate in garden planting and harvesting and tasting activities. All students who eat in the café have the opportunity to eat fresh produce grown by students right on campus. Also, new this year is our garden weather station that uploads weather data to wunderground.com.

To help fund the Garden program and other activities at Torrey Pines Elementary School, we are thrilled to announce the sale of engraved bricks to commemorate the students and families of Torrey Pines. The bricks will be set into the ground along the existing sidewalk in the garden for all to see. This is a great way for students to be remembered long after they’ve graduated. For those just starting at Torrey Pines, think of the many years to come that you can spend looking at your engraved brick. 

Here are the brick options available for purchase:

4 x 8 inch bricks - $100.00. Each brick can include up to three lines of text, 18 characters per line

8 x 8 inch bricks - $225.00. Each brick can include up to six lines of text, 18 characters per line

12 X 12 inch bricks - $300.00. Each brick can include up to ten lines of text, 23 characters per line

 *Some examples of brick inscriptions are: a child's name and the year, a family's last name, an inspirational message for the children related to the garden, the names of siblings and the year.

To order, please complete the information on either the PDF form or on the Donor Order web site (preferred).  We can accept major credit cards or Paypal via the Donor Order web site or checks via the form on the brochure(see PDF).

Order web site: www.bricksrus.com/order/gardenbricks

Brochure with information on orders with checks:TPESGardenBricks.pdf

Order early and be part of the first bricks installed in the garden this year!

Garden Update for October-December 2015

It has been a busy late fall in the garden. TPES became certified in the "Garden to Cafe" program and now produce can be harvested and served on the lunch room salad bar. We also started a 4th and 5th grade Garden Club that meets during recess twice a week. The garden club participated in the first lettuce harvest on December 3rd and the lettuce was served on the salad bar December 4th.  The large open garden area (corn last year) was planted with 11 different types of squash. Ms. Bustani's kinder class planted rare Makah Ozette potatoes that were provided by SlowFoods.org. These potatoes were a staple of the northwest indians from Washington. The garden club also enjoyed several Fuju Persimmons as well as Osborne Figs from the garden. 

In other happenings we now have a fully functional weather station located in the garden. The weather station collects data on temperature, humidity, barometric pressure, wind speed, wind direction, and rain fall. This sensor data is uploaded to Weather Underground approximately every 14 minutes, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Please note that since the station is new we are still making minor adjustments to the technology and the site may be down from time to time. This free service provides real time data from the weather station but will also hold historical data for over a year. There are several ways to view weather station data.  You can access the weather station via any web browser at this URL:http://www.wunderground.com/personal-weather-station/dashboard?ID=KCASANDI423

You can also just go to wunderground.com and enter the station ID KCASANDI423 in the “Search Locations” box. Weather Underground also has free apps for iPhones and iPads available in iTunes, and Android phones via Google Play, you can learn more about the apps here:http://www.wunderground.com/download/index.asp#ios

The weather station data is available for student and teacher use from the their classrooms. We hope this new tool will be useful as part of their regular curriculum work. 

Our School Garden

4th Grade Gaden Club picking lettuce5th Grade Garden Club picking lettuceTPES Garden Weather Station KCASANDI423TPES Weather Sation KCASANDI423
Do you have garden supplies or time to donate?
Please contact Bill Jenkins to get involved. 

 Outdoor Classroom and Garden
A group of enthusiastic TPES parents and community volunteers have been expanding the raised bed planting area into a TPES Outdoor  Education Classroom and Garden and WE NEED  YOUR HELP! Imagine  your kids having class outside  planting,  growing, harvesting and then  composting their very  own food  and while taking in scientific facts related to biology ecology and the physical sciences. The more support we can find from our parent community the more our garden and children will grow.  

Can you shovel dirt, build planter boxes, or water plants?  Want to get more involved, have idea, or just want to learn more?  

Let us know by emailing Bill Jenkins at jenkinswilliam@me.com.

Peaceful Valley GrowOrganic.com provides seed donations to schools. Here is there easy to follow application process.

2014-2015 THANK YOUS!


To Las Patronas for the grant for 
upgrades to our irrigation and installation of compost and additional raised beds!

To the 
Village Garden Club of La Jolla
 for several years of garden grants - this year for fruit trees and potting tables!

To Monarch Watch for a grant of 24 California native milkweed plants!

To Resource Conservation District (RCD) of Greater San Diego County for the donation of wildflower seeds!

To the 
San Diego Master Gardeners
 for your advice and support!

 for donating garden soil for 3 years.

To all of the parents who donate their time and materials to help our garden grow!

THANK YOU to our 2013-2014 donors as well:

Peaceful Valley Farm and Garden Supply
 for donating over 50 packets seeds, the 
Whole Kids Foundation
 grant, and 
Precision Landscape
 for developing and donating a design concept for the TPES outdoor class and garden!

4th Grade Harvest5th Grade HarvestDelivering harvest to the kitchen

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