What Did Our Children Learn Today?

The ongoing collaboration between our school administration and parents means that students at Torrey Pines Elementary School recieve a world-class education. Torrey Pines ranks among the top elementary schools in San Diego County. Everyday, teachers, staff, and parents work together to define excellence at TPES.   

How does the Foundation, the parents of TPES (that means you!), support this success?  Thankfully, we have a school administration and faculty who are open to our ideas and allow us to advocate for those subjects and activities that enrich our students’ learning.  The following describes the programs that are funded by the Foundation and how they contribute to our students’ education.  This will give you a better understanding of how our Foundation affects the students of TPES everyday.

Through Curriculum Support the Foundation supports a broad and balanced educational experience for TPES students.  We have the opportunity to fund curriculum such as Art, Music, Literacy, Technology and Physical Education which are not funded by the district.  These are areas we as parents in collaboration with TPES administration understand bring tremendous value to the overall educational experience of our students, and can have a direct impact on the learning or core subjects as well.  Under Curriculum Support our parent Foundation funds: Two Full Time Teachers, Art, MusicPhysical EducationTechnology, and Support Staff of 3 days a week for Health Tech and 4 hours for Counselor.

Through Curriculum Enhancement the Foundation directly impacts the learning of core subjects and bring parts of the curriculum to life. 

Grade-Level Enhancements — The teachers are given the opportunity to identify and choose grade-level field trips and activities that enhance their curriculum.  Examples are Grade 4’s Star of India field trip and Grade 5’s Sea Lab excursion.

Teacher Supplements — Every TPES teacher is reimbursed $500 to spend on
classroom needs.

Science Lab Supplements — Our science teachers are given a supplement that helps pay for supplies needed to keep the science curriculum up-to-date and running.

Through Extra Curricular Support the Foundation offers students experiences relating to themselves and the world around them.  Community building, giving back, leadership, fitness, and environment are key themes supported by these programs. 

TPES Family Events — TPES Family Events has the sole purpose of bringing our community together. Watch for great community events this year!

Field Days — The Foundation organizes two half-days of fun field games at the end of the school year.  Students enjoy this school spirit infused event complete with ribbons, snacks, and water balloons!

Running Club — Through the Miles Ahead Running Club the Foundation encourages health, fitness, and community with our students and their families.  The students are encouraged to achieve personal goals and participate at their own pace.  The club is now in its 8th year and has reached unprecedented levels of participation.

School Garden — The School Garden is in its fourth year.  The purpose of the school garden is to enrich our students learning of core subjects as well as offer a space to interact with their community and nature. A garden can support the teaching of many academic subjects as well as promote interpersonal skills.  Watch our garden grow into a beautiful learning experience.

Science Discovery Day — Over the course of a half-day presenters from all over the community donate their time to present their area of scientific expertise to our students.

Student Council — This is a wonderful way to teach leadership and civic duty to our children.  Student Council organizes “Spirit Week” and hosts a school dance.

Section 5 of Article IX of the California Constitution guarantees students a “free public education.”

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