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Welcome to Mrs. Yzaguirre's Art Gallery!

  Torrey Pines Elementary Art Program    
Students who participate in “the arts” out perform those who do not on virtually every academic measure. Scientific evidence proves that an education in ‘the arts' makes better math and science students.  It's been proven that early exposure to visual art, music, and drama promotes brain activity. And where would math, science, or history 
be without the arts?!

 Our curriculum is based on the elements of art: Line, Color, Shape, Form, Texture, Value and Space. Our lessons will also be deeply rooted in Art History and learning about the masters of the past. Throughout the year we will be inspired by the great masters and the 7 Elements of Art to create, not only amazing pieces of art, but also art scholars!  I am so excited to be spending another year as a Foundation Teacher with our artists of Torrey Pines!

Attention Wednesday Enrichment Classes!

We're trying something new this year. Instead of registering through me directly, all classes will now be going through the YMCA. Everything else will remain the same. Please contact the La Jolla YMCA to register for this session's class "Colorful Creations" starting September 18th!

Art Room 2013-2014 Wish List:

  • Check out my online supply list at http://www.dickblick.com/ara/lists/3703/home
  • Art books from Mrs. Yzaguirre's Amazon Wish List (under Danielle Yzaguirre)
  • Gently Used or New Markers
  • Sharpies- Black thick or thin
  • Glue Sticks
  • Construction Paper
  • Gift Cards from Blick Art Materials
  • Tissues
  • Sponges
  • Baby Wipes


At RALPHS (Next to Trader Joe's) & VONS in Downtown La Jolla

Every month we will be featuring new Torrey Pines artists near the registers at the La Jolla Ralphs & La Jolla Vons. Go down and take a look at some of our very own all star artists!

FOUNDATION FUNDED ART PROGRAM – The art program that is fully funded by the Foundation takes art to the next level.  This program is taught by a qualified art teacher that is dedicated to awakening the artist in every student at TPES.  Our students will learn about different periods in art history, try different techniques and mediums, and gain confidence in their artistic potential.  Our art program is offered to students in Grades K-3 40 minutes per week and to students in Grades 4-5 50 minutes every week.

For more information about the art program or to volunteer please contact our art committee.




Section 5 of Article IX of the California Constitution guarantees students a “free public education.”

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